Welcome to Word of Life Poland camps! Our goal is to reach Polish youth by creating an environment where they are away from all the distractions of the world and the can focus on learning about God.  We have Summer Camps and Winter Camp which create this environment.  We also have Missions Camp, which is a week long camp during…

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Bible Clubs

Bible Clubs are the heart of our ministry in Poland.  We partner with churches all over Poland to help them have an effective youth ministry.  This is done through our Discipleship in Action (DIA) program as well as providing camps and conferences to encourage the young people to grow spiritually.

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Ministry Center

Our dream is to reach the city of Lodz (pop. 780,000) along with youth from the entire country! God began bringing this all together right before our eyes when a few years ago He miraculously provided an ideal property in the dead center of Poland!  Existing buildings have been renovated and are already being used to…

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